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Please note that this API documentation is partly outdated, since in the newest Porcupine release Servlets have been completely replaced with Web Methods.

The latest online version of the Porcupine API can be found here. Below you can download the offline version of it in HTML format.

  • You can download the latest Porcupine API release from the Porcupine Developer Downloads section. This release includes all the changes introduced with Porcupine 0.0.8. Specifically:
    • The "schemas" package no longer exists.
    • The "" is now "org.innoscript.desktop.schema".
    • Documented the "cookies" attribute of the core Response and Request objects.
    • The Porcupine desktop datatypes have been reduced. Using the native datatypes instead. See "".
Page last modified on August 10, 2008, at 01:38 PM