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Porcupine Web Connectors

Web connectors allow you to bridge a web server with Porcupine. All of the above connectors require Porcupine 0.6. Older versions can be found to the Sourceforge downloads page.

WSGI Connector

In order to run Porcupine with WSGI anabled servers, you need to download the WSGI connector. The latest version includes out-of-the-box support for mod_wsgi. Apart from the connector itself, a simple WSGI server based on WSGIUtils is also provided. To use this server, you should download and install WSGIUtils and then simply start it by typing:

$ python

This server by default is listening to the port 1088. The Porcupine connector is bound to the root folder of the server. The Porcupine desktop is accessible by URL:



MOD_PYTHON Connector

MOD_PYTHON connector for the Apache web server. This is the connector we recommend for live environments. It runs on Windows and Linux and it requires Apache, Python and MOD_PYTHON.


Win32 CGI Connector

This is a Windows binary connector for web servers that support CGI. Due to the fact that for every request a new process is created the performance is degraded. Good for evaluation purposes. Currently, this connector is tested only on IIS and Apache and it does not require Python.

Download built with Python 2.6.

Page last modified on March 30, 2010, at 09:15 AM