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VersionRelease date
0.0.8End of August 2006
0.0.9January 2007
0.1.0March 2007
0.1.1July 2007
0.1.2February 2007
0.2.0May 2007


These are the new features for the upcoming releases. The "Release" column denotes the server release that the equivalent feature will be included. Features committed to the SVN repository trunk are marked as Completed.

CodeFeatureSide effectsDependenciesReleaseStatus
CORE2In memory object cache with configurable size.--0.0.9Completed
CORE3Session ID held in cookie. If cookies are disabled then the session ID is injected in the URL.--0.0.7Completed
CORE4XMLRPC multicall support (introduced by Devin Deng)--  
CORE5Static file registrations such as of those pointing to
JavaScript files and images, should have a cache expiration directive.
CORE6Implement a WSGI connector.--N/ACompleted
CORE7Ability to run Porcupine stand-alone, by integrating a simple HTTP listener.--  
CORE11Each user should have its own personal storage area.-CORE120.1.0Completed
CORE12List of synchronous event processors per content class.--0.1.0Completed
CORE13Link ffmpeg as a Python library and embed PIL.--0.2.0Pending
CORE14Allow access from Java enabled mobile devices using a custom J2ME browser.--0.2.0Pending
SCHEMA3Create the OQL Procedure object.
This is a compiled OQL query with its parameters.
SCHEMA4Extend the application object by adding an onexit attribute.
This is the function name to call before the application window closes. (introduced by Jonny)
SCHEMA5Extend the application object by adding a stringResources string attribute.
This is the full import path to a module variable of type "porcupine.config.resources.ResourceStrings"
SCHEMA6Use faster built-in sets for RelatorN and Composition data types event handlers.--0.0.9Completed
SCHEMA7Create new content classes for multimedia files (audio, video and images)-CORE130.2.0Pending
SCHEMA8Create new content class for shortcuts--0.2.0Pending
OQL2Implement query parameters.
Execute an OQL query given the required parameters.
QUIX2Themes support--  
QUIX4Numeric input control--  
QUIX13Support "onresize" custom event.--0.1.0Completed
QUIX14Slider control.--0.1.0Completed
QUIX15Support for custom controls.--0.1.0Completed
QUIX16Ability to load external stylesheets.--0.1.0Completed
QUIX17Support Apple's Safari.--0.2.0Pending
QUIX18Add a light rich text edit control (requested by Carlos).-- Pending
Desktop enhancements
DESK4The auto generated form should handle the numeric datatypes-QUIX4?  
DESK5Add a new user preference that launches the desired application at user login automatically. (introduced by Jonny)--0.0.7Completed
DESK6Include advanced search capabilities--0.0.8Completed
DESK7Enable guest users access to the desktop (mentioned by thugree)--0.1.0Completed
DESK8Datatype controls for auto generated edit forms should be implemented as QuiX custom controls--0.1.1Completed

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