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This is a history of most of the bugs we had to cope with:

CodeDescription (repro steps)SubsystemStatusPlatform specificReported byDate openedResolved in release
BUG1When loading two QuiX interfaces simultaneously one of them does not load. The progress bar stays frozen while loading one of the images. The same happens when loading an interface and moving a window.QuiXClosedYes, only on Internet ExplorerConstantinos Stratelos2005-11-100.0.5
BUG2On many IE installations the background images are reloaded every time a QuiX interface is redrawn.QuiXClosedInternet ExplorerKoutsovassilis Tassos2005-11-26Did some search and discovered that this is an IE 6 bug. We are looking for a workaround.
This behavior is bypassed by adding a "max-age" directive to the image registration inside "config.xml".
BUG3On the latest Mozilla builds, often the image preloading procedure freezes.QuiXClosedMozilla rv:1.8Koutsovassilis Tassos2005-12-020.0.6
BUG5Cannot delete an object permanently when this is in the recycle bin.DesktopClosed Koutsovassilis Tassos2006-02-170.0.6
BUG6The pakager does not remove the published directories when uninstalling a Porcupine pakage.PakagerClosed Koutsovassilis Tassos2006-02-220.0.6
BUG7The context menu of the task bar and the context menu of the "Users and Groups Management" application are not updated correctly.QuiX desktopClosed arp752006-03-12Download hotfix 20030313 for Porcupine 0.0.6
BUG8The "getItem" and "getItems" methods of the "Reference1" and "ReferenceN?" datatypes respectively, raise an exception if the referenced object is deleted.CoreClosed Tassos Koutsovassilis2006-07-250.0.8
BUG9The folder ID is appended to the window history each time the window is refreshed.Porcupine DesktopClosed Costas Petrou2006-12-010.0.9
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