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Sample Linux installation

As a refer guide, the page describes how to run the development version of Porcupine server with the WSGI web-connector.

Python 3 note: Since the bsddb module is deprecated, an extra dependency to pybsddb is added. It should be installed prior working with Porcupine server. For Debian-based distributions look for python3-bsddb3 package.

1. Download WSGI connector:

Get the development version of the WSGI connector (see WebConnectors):
$ git clone git://

2. Download Porcupine:

Get the development version of the Porcupine server (see Downloads):
$ git clone git://
Install the database:
$ cd porcupine
$ python ./

3. Start required servers:

Start the Porcupine server:
$ python ./ daemon
Start the web connector:
$ python ../porcupine-web-connectors/wsgi/

Now you can open a browser and enjoy Porcupine accessible by the URL (the administrator account by default is admin/admin): http://localhost:1088

To stop the system use Ctrl-C to break the web connector and use the next command to stop Porcupine server:

  $ python ./ stop 
Page last modified on April 20, 2010, at 03:03 AM